Abhishek Malhan vs. Avinash Sachdev: A Fiery Clash Over Ration Sparks Outrage in Bigg Boss OTT 2 House

Bigg Boss OTT 2

Abhishek Malhan Threatens to Shower Eggs on Avinash Sachdev Over Ration


In the intense and drama-filled environment of the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house, clashes and disagreements among contestants are a common sight. The latest feud revolves around an unexpected topic—ration. Abhishek Malhan and Avinash Sachdev, two strong personalities, find themselves at loggerheads over a seemingly trivial matter, leading to heated exchanges and threats that have caught the attention of viewers.

The Ration Issue in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 House:

During Sunday’s episode, the contestants were provided with a limited amount of ration, leading to the need for careful distribution. Pooja Bhatt, one of the housemates, took a selfless decision to leave her share of eggs for others to consume. However, Avinash Sachdev had a different perspective, insisting that she should take them for herself. This simple difference of opinion sparked a chain of events that would escalate into a tense confrontation.

Abhishek Malhan’s Mockery and Threats:

Abhishek Malhan, known for his quick wit and sarcasm, took the opportunity to mock Avinash’s concern over the ration. He ridiculed Avinash, calling him “overly concerned” about such trivial matters. This taunting attitude did not sit well with Avinash, and the situation quickly escalated.

Abhishek went a step further, making a rather unusual and audacious threat. He proclaimed that when he returns home, he plans to book a helicopter worth Rs 2.5 lakhs to shower eggs on Avinash as a response to their disagreement over the ration. This outlandish threat took the confrontation to a whole new level.

Avinash Sachdev’s Response:

Avinash, taken aback by Abhishek’s provocative statements, questioned the validity of his threats. He asked why Abhishek, who is considered a millionaire, would be so fixated on eggs. This counterargument made it clear that Avinash found Abhishek’s reaction unjustified and irrational.

Escalation of the Argument:

As emotions ran high, the exchange between Abhishek and Avinash grew more intense, resulting in a heated shouting match. Other housemates attempted to intervene and mediate, but their efforts proved futile in calming the two strong-willed contestants.

Previous Disagreements Between Abhishek and Avinash:

The current dispute over ration is not the first time that Abhishek and Avinash have clashed during their time in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house. Past arguments have arisen over issues related to age and seniority, highlighting the underlying tensions between the two. This recurring pattern raises questions about their ability to collaborate and work together effectively in the future.


The confrontation between Abhishek Malhan and Avinash Sachdev over something as basic as ration demonstrates that even the smallest matters can lead to significant friction in the high-pressure environment of the Bigg Boss house. As the days go by, viewers will be keenly observing how these two strong personalities navigate their differences and whether they can find common ground. The drama continues, and the fate of their relationship remains uncertain.


1. Is the argument between Abhishek and Avinash real?

As an unscripted reality show, the disputes and disagreements in Bigg Boss are genuine expressions of the contestants’ emotions and opinions.

2. Has this incident affected Abhishek and Avinash’s friendship?

As of now, it’s unclear how this specific incident has impacted their relationship. Time will tell if they can reconcile their differences.

3. How does ration distribution work in the Bigg Boss house?

The show’s producers typically allocate limited ration for the contestants, and they must manage it wisely throughout their stay.

4. What are some other famous conflicts in Bigg Boss history?

Bigg Boss has seen its fair share of controversies and clashes between contestants over the years, making it a popular reality show.

5. Where can I watch the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2? The latest episodes are available for streaming on the official platform or designated broadcasting channels.

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