CBI Takes Over Manipur Viral Video Case: Unraveling the Quest for Justice

Manipur Viral Video Case

CBI Takes Over Manipur Viral Video Case, FIR Lodged


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has stepped in to take charge of the investigation into the shocking Manipur viral video case. This disturbing incident involves the alleged sexual assault and public humiliation of two women by a mob. The video, which spread like wildfire on social media, has sparked widespread outrage, prompting the CBI’s intervention. In this article, we delve into the details of the case, the actions taken by the CBI, and the implications it may have on the quest for justice.

The Case of the Viral Video

On July 19, 2023, a horrible video that showed two ladies from different groups being paraded naked by guys online. In the Manipur district of Thoubal on May 4, 2023, this horrible occurrence took place. People all throughout the country were shocked and incensed by the video, and they demanded that the offenders be arrested right away.

CBI Takes Command

The CBI promptly filed a FIR (First Information Report) on July 29, 2023 after realising the gravity and sensitivity of the situation. In addition to Section 25(1-C) of the Arms Act, the agency accused the defendant of violating Sections 153A, 398, 427, 436, 448, 302, 354, 364, 326, 376, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). This action by the CBI guarantees a thorough and unbiased probe free from any potential prejudices.

Its investigation

To carry out the inquiry, a committed team from the CBI is stationed in Manipur under the direction of a superintendent of police. The team works with the state police to gather information, interview witnesses, and find the perpetrators of the horrible act. Support for the CBI’s dedication to conducting a fair and impartial probe has come from a variety of sources.

All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) petition

The All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) was crucial in the victims’ fight for justice. The AMSU petitioned the Supreme Court on July 22, 2023, requesting that the CBI look into the situation. The petition raised questions about how thorough the Manipur police’s original probe was.

Contribution of the Supreme Court

The Manipur government and the CBI received a notice from the Supreme Court on July 26, 2023, which had taken note of the seriousness of the situation. In order to answer to the petition and lay out their respective positions, the court gave them two weeks.

Indignation and condemnation

Public opinion, political parties, members of civil society, and women’s organisations from all around Manipur and the nation have all expressed their outrage at the shocking incident. The widespread outrage highlights the need for swift justice and reiterates the call for harsh punishment of the offenders.

The Justice Commitment of CBI

In response to the Supreme Court’s notice, the CBI has pledged that it will exhaust all reasonable avenues in its pursuit of justice and the truth. The victims and the general public have hope because of the agency’s dedication to conducting an unbiased inquiry that the guilty will be held accountable.


The CBI’s intervention in the Manipur viral video case signifies a significant step towards ensuring justice for the victims. The agency’s proactive approach in taking over the investigation and its dedication to conducting a fair and thorough inquiry give hope to those seeking accountability. This incident serves as a painful reminder of the urgent need to address violence against women and emphasizes the importance of a robust and just legal system.


1. What prompted the CBI to embark on the Manipur viral video case.?

Due to the gravity of the situation and the outcry from the public, the CBI intervened to look into it, assuring a full and objective investigation.

2. What accusations have been made against the defendant?

In addition to Section 25(1-C) of the Arms Act, the accused have also been charged under Sections 153A, 398, 427, 436, 448, 302, 354, 364, 326, and 34 of the IPC.

3. Why did the AMSU ask the Supreme Court to order a CBI investigation?

The All Manipur Students’ Union requested a CBI investigation after questioning the impartiality of the initial police investigation.

4. How has the incident affected different organisations and the general public?

Across the nation, political parties, civil society organisations, and women’s organisations have all expressed their shock and disapproval of the act.

5. What message is being conveyed to society by the CBI’s participation?

With the CBI involved, it is clear that such horrible crimes will not be allowed and that those responsible will be brought to justice.

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