Non-Engineering Graduate Bags Rs 50 Lakh Salary Package at Google

Non-Engineering Graduate

How a Non-Engineering Graduate Earned a 50 Lakh Salary at Google: Defying Tech Industry Norms

Finding a high-paying job at a famous computer company like Google is a dream that many seek to realise in the fast-paced world of technology. It’s a common misconception that engineering grads alone have an advantage when it comes to these chances. Harshal Juikar, a Pune native who did not major in engineering, has demonstrated that, with hard work and talent, it is possible to succeed in the tech sector and earn a spectacular compensation package of Rs 50 lakh.

A Remarkable Journey: Harshal Juikar’s journey from non-engineering graduate to Google employee is nothing short of remarkable. After earning his MSc in Blockchain Technology from MIT-World Peace University, he discovered himself outside Google, one of the biggest IT companies in the world. When it was reported that a non-engineering graduate had accomplished this accomplishment, it instantly made headlines and attracted the interest of numerous aspirants.

Harshal expressed utmost gratitude for the chance to work at Google in reaction to his success. The confidence the business had in him was evidence of his commitment to and love of technology.

Defying Myths: Non-Engineers Can Succeed in Tech

Juikar’s success story disproves the widespread belief that only engineering degrees can achieve success in the tech sector. His success demonstrates that, regardless of one’s educational background, the tech industry is open to those who have the necessary talents and tenacity. It serves as a reminder that perseverance and a passion for technology can lead to amazing opportunities.

Harshal Juikar’s Wise Advice

Aspiring non-engineering grads who want to make their mark in the tech world can benefit from Harshal Juikar’s essential advice, which he generously provides in a moving blog post. Harshal says that the secret to success is to foster curiosity since it encourages people to keep learning and exploring new things. He places a strong emphasis on the necessity of tenacity in overcoming obstacles and exhorts everyone to bravely explore unexplored waters.

The idea that the IT industry is constantly changing and offers many opportunities for non-engineering grads to make important contributions is supported by Harshal’s own motivating path. Anyone can build a successful career in this evolving and growing business with the appropriate approach and unshakable persistence.

Major Lessons Learned from Harshal Juikar’s Journey

Several crucial lessons can be learned from Harshal Juikar’s experience by aspiring non-engineering grads.

1. Alternatives to Engineering

The life of Harshal Juikar serves as evidence that a successful IT profession does not necessarily require an engineering degree. Graduates who aren’t engineers can succeed in the industry also if they have the right enthusiasm and talents.

Take Curiosity to Heart

The powerful force behind innovation and progress is curiosity. Adopting a curious mentality enables people to learn about new developments and explore new areas of interest.

3. Persistence Is Worth It

Every journey inevitably includes obstacles and disappointments. Resilience and perseverance are important character traits that help people get beyond challenges and accomplish their objectives.

4. Unflinching Exploration

Numerous chances are available in the technology sector. Graduates who are not engineers should not be afraid to explore a variety of jobs and niches because doing so can lead to interesting and unexpected professional options.

Finally, defying expectations and pursuing your dreams

The life of Harshal Juikar serves as a source of hope and motivation for all people who want to work in the tech sector. It serves as a reminder that perseverance, enthusiasm, and hard effort may overcome obstacles and open the door to remarkable accomplishments.

So, if you are a technology enthusiast who did not major in engineering, let Harshal’s journey serve as the inspiration for your goals. The technological world is continually changing, offering countless opportunities to those who are willing to take use of them.

Let’s now follow Harshal Juikar’s example and embark on our individual journeys to success in the rapidly expanding field of technology.



1. Can graduates who don’t major in engineering actually find well-paying IT jobs like Harshal Juikar did?

Absolutely! The success of Harshal Juikar demonstrates that graduates from non-engineering fields may definitely land well-paying jobs in the tech sector with the correct qualifications and drive.

2. What suggestions did Harshal Juikar have for prospective non-engineering graduates?

In the tech industry, Harshal emphasised the need of remaining curious, being persistent, and bravely venturing into unexplored waters.

3. Is a successful IT job really dependent on curiosity?

Yes, curiosity is a key characteristic that keeps people keen to learn, adapt, and innovate—qualities that are essential in the realm of technology.

4. How can graduates who are not engineers obtain employment in the tech sector?

Graduates who aren’t engineers can look into a variety of IT jobs, including project management, data analysis, UX/UI design, marketing, and more. Securing prospects requires networking, skill development, and demonstrating a passion for technology.

5. What should we learn most from Harshal Juikar’s narrative?

The most important lesson is that non-engineering graduates can have successful careers in the tech sector if they are passionate, determined, and eager to take on difficulties.

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